ProXimus is an open source enterprise scale solution to manage access control for the Squid proxy server.

It provides a web-based management interface to easily define access rules for user groups and locations. The backend is realized as a Squid redirector.



To easily try out the administration web interface a demo has been set up.

  • Link: Demo
  • Global admin: admin / admin
  • Location admin: locadmin / admin


Get it

ProXimus consists of two parts. You can either download it from these links:

Or you if you’re familiar with git you can also clone the repositories from - “git clone git://” and “git clone git://”.


For instructions on how to install ProXimus refer to the installation guide on the wiki.

More information / Documentation

For even more information on ProXimus please visit the Wiki. FAQ


To get in contact either use github or send me a mail to:
alexander [dot] ganster [at]